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Comprehensive Zoning Bylaw 2014-744

At the regular meeting on August 5, 2014, Council adopted Bylaw 2014-744 being a new comprehensive zoning bylaw for the Township of Stone Mills.  This bylaw is intended to implement the policies of the official plan that was adopted by Council on November 22, 2010 and replaces zoning bylaw 2000-85.    Bylaw 2014-744, or any part thereof will be subject to appleal to the Ontario Municipal Board until September 2, 2014. Bylaw 2014-744 including the schedules are as follows.

Please Note:  For your convenience, the Table Of Contents within the Bylaw Document has been structured to provide a link directly to the applicable section.


The most common reason for a zoning amendment is to provide for a specific use of land that is not identified as a permitted use in the zone applicable to the lands where the development is being proposed.  An application form has been developed for this purpose and this application must be completed and submitted to Stone Mills for consideration.  In addition to the application a Key Map which illustrates the complete proposal will be required.  Certain required studies and or reports may also be required dependent upon location and features that  may be present upon the lands.

Zoning Amendment Application Form

Zoning Amendment Fee           $1200
Zoning Amendment Deposit     $500


Zoning amendments are a public process with specific requirements under the Planning Act.  As a result, it is advisable to allow at least 3 months from the time of submission of the applicaiton to having the application fully completed.  This is particularly important for those persons proposing to purchase a parcel of land where the current zoning does not allow for the intended use of the land.

Additional Information

The Planning Act is legislation that is under the authority of the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing.  As such, this Ministry has developed the CITIZENS GUIDE TO ZONING BYLAW.  Persons pursuing a zoning amendment are encouraged to review this information.

Document & Schedules

Paper copy of the Zoning Bylaw document and the associated Schedules is available from Stone Mills upon request.  Cost for this document and schedules is $50.00 and payable upon placing the order.  As this document is produced at a professional printer, please allow 2 weeks for delivery.




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