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Lennox and Addington Resources for Children - providing quality educational programs and resources through a multi-service approach that allows children, parents, and educators to strengthen family and community relationships

Member Of Parliament (Canada)

Derek Sloan
Hastings, Lennox & Addington 
Constituency Office
20-B Richmond Blvd 
Napanee, Ontario
K7R 4A4
Telephone: 1-866-471-3800
Fax: 613-354-0913
Email: derek.sloan@parl.gc.ca
Website: https://www.electsloan.ca/  

Member Of Provincial Parliament (Ontario)

Daryl Kramp
Member Provincial Parliament
Lanark, Frontenac, Lennox and Addington
Constituency Office
Napanee Downtown Business Hub
6 Dundas Street East, Suite 6
Napanee, Ontario
K7R 3L4
Bus.  613 308 9625
Fax.  613 308 9685
Website:  www.hlapc.ca

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