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Fire Department Personnel

For additional information of relevance to the volunteers of the Stone Mills Volunteer Fire Department please ensure you are logged onto the Fire Department Personnel page of this website.

Volunteer Opportuinty

Opportunities presently exists with the Fire Department for volunteer fire fighters.  For additional information, please contact Tracy Easterbrook, Fire Prevention Officer/Administration Clerk at teasterbrook@stonemills.comor please see the Fire Fighter Application Form.

Management and Staff

The department is managed by a part time Fire Chief, Deputy Fire Chief as well as a Station Chief for each of the fire stations.  The Fire Department is a volunteer organization staffed by approximately 100 dedicated men and women from across the Township.  These volunteers are deployed from the four stations located at:

Newburgh Fire Station

  • 23 Personnel
  • District Chief - Jeff Thompson

Yarker Fire Station

  • 22 Personnel
  • District Chief - David Petrie

Enterprise Fire Station

  • 25 Personnel
  • District Chief - Ken Travers

Tamworth Fire Station

  • 23 Personnel
  • District Chief - Richard Easterbrook

Fire Prevention

In 2015, Stone Mills established a Fire Prevention Policy to identifiy procedures to assist in the prevention of fires through public education, programs and activities.  This policy meets the requirements of the Fire Protection and Prevention Acts and is anticipated to reduce the loss of lives and property damage resulting from fires.

Additional information about fire prevention can be found on the Fire Prevention page of this webiste. 

By-law 2015-810 Regulating The Setting Of Fires

All open air fires within the Township are regulated through Bylaw 2015-810. This includes camp fires, fire appliances such as chimineas, burn barrels and brush fires. Grass fires are prohibited as well is the burning of certain materials. Persons considering having an open air fire, should consult Bylaw 2015-810 prior to the setting of a fire.

Persons failing to comply with the requirements of Bylaw 2015-810 could be subject to penalties imposed by Fines authorized by this bylaw and the Attorney General's Office Of Ontario.

In addition, persons setting a fire not authorized by Bylaw 2015-810 could be responsible for costs incurred by the Township in responding to a fire call.  Such costs are authorized by Bylaw 2012-645 which can be found on the "Application Forms" page of this website.

Forest Fire Hazard

Forest Fire Hazard Low

For additional information relating to forest fire conditions, existing fire locations and status, please consult the Ontario Government Forest Fire Information Map

Environment Canada Weather

Prior to the setting of an open air fire, persons are encouraged to check the local weather forecast for Kingston and area available at Environment Canada

Fire Advisory Line

A Fire Advisory Line is available to advise whether it is safe to burn or if a Fire Ban is in effect.  To access this information please call:

613-379-5255  or  877 554 5557

Superior Tanker Shuttle Accreditation

The firefighters and officers of the Township of Stone Mills fire department have in the past and continue to receive considerable training to ensure their work is conducted in the most efficient and safest means possible.  On October 23, 2010, the department and staff were tested and accepted for accreditation by Fire Protection Survey Services.  This accreditation allows many of our residents and business owners to enjoy lower insurance rates on their properties.

To be eligible for a reduction in insurance premiums, a residence must be within 8 kilometers of the fire station and within 5 kilometers of an acceptable water source.  Commercial Buildings must within 5 kilometers of the fire station and 5 kilometers of an acceptable water source.  The determination of an acceptable water source is made by Fire Protection Survey Services.  An unofficial map of the eligible areas is available at the Township Offices.

Residents are encouraged to present the Accreditation Certificate to their insurers that may make them eligible for a premium discount.

Water Access Properties

In accordance Bylaw 2010-545 which regulates Fire Department activities and services, the Occupational Health and Safety Act, and the requirements of the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, fire and emergency services are not available to properties whose only access is across water.

Private Roads

Persons who own or who are considering the purchase of a property serviced by a privately maintained road should be aware that the maintenance of that road, which includes:

  • winter snow removal,
  • tree and brush removal,
  • the application of gravel,
  • the filling of holes, and
  • the draining of water

is the sole responsibility of the persons who use the private road for access to their property.  Fire Department or other emergency services may not be able to respond to an emergency call if road conditions do not permit the passage of emergency vehicles.

Civic Address (911) Number

It is the responsibility of each land owner to ensure that the civic address assigned to your property is upright and clearly visible and un-obstructed by trees or snow banks.  Please contact the Public Works Department if you have any questions respecting your civic address.

Fuels and Barbeque Season

The Technical Standards and Safety Association (TSSA) have published information relating to good safety practices while enjoying the summer season including: safety issues around the home, during recreational activities and suggestions for the safe operation of fuels and cooking and heating devices.  Visit the TSSA Website for additional information and suggestions.

Fire Extinguishers Recall

Certain fire extinguishers have been identified for recall.  Please read the entire notice.

New Fire Fighting Solution

Natural Products Canada kicks off program with investment in fire-fighting solution.  Read more about this new solution at Natural Products Canada.