Finance & Treasury

The Municipality develops an annual operating budget to pay for a wide range of municipal services including fire and emergency services, roads and parks maintenance and library services.  The Municipality also prepares multi-year capital budgets which fund capital infrastructure replacement and renewal and other capital priorities as determined by Council. The annual operating budget determines the revenues required from property taxation which are then used to set final tax rates.

Finance & Treasury


By-Law 2020-1051 is a By-Law to prescribe a Tariff of Fees for the proceedings of applications and other services provided by the Township of Stone Mills.

By-Law 2020-1051

In accordance with the Public Sector Disclosure Act, 2006, the salaries of all public servants must be disclosed when the salary for an employee exceeds $100,000 per year.

The sale of public lands by the Township is regulated by By-Law 2009-511.  To view the process required for the sale of real property please click on the following link.

By-Law 2009-511


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