Municipal Elections 2022

The Council of the Township of Stone Mills consists of a Reeve, a Deputy Reeve and five council members who are elected at large. Municipal Councils serve a 4-year term as per the Municipal Elections Act. The current term of Council from December 1, 2018 to November 14, 2022 with the next election scheduled to take place on October 24, 2022. See our Current Council.


The 2022 Municipal Election will be held on Monday, October 24, 2022. The Township of Stone Mills is once again using internet, telephone and in-person voting for this election, and in-person voter assistance centers will also be set up in the week prior to Election Day.

Municipal elections are governed by the Municipal Elections Act and are held every four years. The four-year term of the current Council ends on November 14, 2022.

Additional information about the 2022 Municipal Election is available through the following:

Residents can contact the Clerk at 613-378-2475 for any questions related to election matters.


Key Dates to Note for the 2022 Municipal Election


Monday, May 2, 2022 
Nominations Open

Candidates interested in running for office can visit the Candidate Information Page for more information

Friday, August 19, 2022 at 2:00 p.m. - Nominations Close

Deadline to file a nomination as a candidate, change an office being run for, or withdraw a nomination

Thursday September 1 - Monday, October 24, 2022 - Voters' List Revision

From September 1 to the close of polls on voting day, voters can apply to have their information added, removed or revised on the Voters' List

Prior to September 1, you can check your status on the Voters' List and update your information by visiting

Monday October 17, 2022 at 10 am 
Advance Voting Period Begins

Voters will receive their Voter Information Letter and be able to vote online or by telephone during this window. There will be 4 locations for paper ballot only on the Election Day.

In-person voting will also be set up on specific days - exact details to be determined

Monday October 24, 2022 from 10 am - 8 pm - Election Day

The deadline to cast a ballot is 8 pm on Election Day
In-person voting will be available from 10:00a.m – 8:00p.m  at the following locations:
Newburgh Hall – 2 Factory Street
Tamworth Community Hall, 1 Ottawa Street
Centreville Municipal Offices- 4504 County Rd. 4
Yarker Library – 4315 County Rd 1

Unofficial results will be announced as soon as possible after the close of polls 

Tuesday November 16, 2022    

The New Term of Council Begins

Thursday  December 1, 2022 

Inaugural Meeting of the New Council


List of Certified Candidates


        Certified Candidate

   Date Certified       

Reeve John Wise - 1970 Centreville Road, Centreville, ON K0K 1N0
Phone: 613-378-2583
     July 26, 2022
Deputy Reeve

Douglas A. Davison - 3890 County Road 1, Yarker, ON K0K 3N0
Phone: 613-377-6420 

    June 7, 2022
Councillor Shari Milligan - 500 Gilmore Road, Tamworth, ON K0K 3G0
Phone: 613-449-1926
   June 16, 2022
  Kevin Richmond - 3364 County Road 1 E., Yarker, ON K0K 3N0
Phone: 343-363-6017
    August 4, 2022
  Wenda Lalande - 1916 County Road 1 E., Napanee, ON K7R 3L2
Phone: 613-453-2149
   August 9, 2022
  Dennis Masson - 432 Frizzell Road, Tamworth, ON K0K 3G0
Phone: 613-379-5553
  August 15, 2022
  Wendy McDonald - 46 Woodcock's Mills Road, Tamworth, ON K0K 3G0
Phone: 613-329-0597
  August 15, 2022
  Rob Fenwick - 14 Hilltop Drive, Enterprise, ON K0K 1Z0
Phone: 613-539-1492
  August 15, 2022
  Krysta-Lee Woodcock - 2990 County Road 14, Enterprise, ON K0K 1Z0
Phone: 613-885-9448
August 18, 2022
  Adam Pyne - 51 Grove Street, Newburgh, ON K0K 2S0
Phone: 613-217-9619
August 19, 2022
  Amberlyn Bishop - 39 Woodcock's Mills Road, Tamworth, ON K0K 3G0
Phone: 613-297-5802
August 22, 2022
English Public School Board Trustee
(Limestone District School Board)
Robin Hutcheon - 11945 Front Road
Phone: 613-329-1540
June 21, 2022
  Rhonda Moulton - 5918A County Road 2, Odessa
Phone: 613-453-7301
August 17, 2022
  Isabella Harpell - 54 Millhaven Road, Odessa, ON K0H 2H0
Phone: 613-572-2800
August 19, 2022
English Separate School Board Trustee
(Algonquin & Lakeshore Catholic District
School Board)
Jacqueline Fernandes
July 13, 2022
French Public School Board Trustee
(Conseil des écoles publiques de
l'Est de l'Ontario)
Rachel Laforest May 12, 2022
French Separate School Board Trustee
(Conseil des écoles catholiques du Centre-Est)
Michel Charron - 4671 Sand Road, Verona, ON
Phone: 613-328-1550
May 4, 2022