Flooding can happen at any time. Heavy rains, snowmelt, spring breakup and ice jams, wind-related storm surges, or the failure of dams can cause flooding.

Flooded street with a sandbag wall

Flooding is an ever present danger along rivers and lakes or downstream of any significant body of water.  Property owners in this area are encouraged to take whatever steps necessary to protect their property and home from flooding situations. 

Residents in the affected area of a flood are reminded that flooded basements can cause an electrical hazard and persons should stay out of those areas.  If you have to go into a basement area that is subject to flooding, property owners are encouraged to contact the Electrical Safety Authority.  For additional information please view their website at www.esasafe.com

The risk of contamination to wells is high in flooding situations. If you suspect that your well is impacted by flooding do not drink the water.  Use an alternate water source, such as bottled water for drinking and other domestic purposes.  Test your drinking water once flood levels have receded.  The Kingston Frontenac Lennox and Addington Health Unit can provide instructions on how to disinfect your well after flood waters recede.

The following information should be considered if you believe there is a potential for a flooding situation on your lands.

Basement Flooding Handbook

What You Need To Know (In A Flood)

The Quinte Conservation Authority monitors the possibilities for flooding within this area.  Statements respecting flooding are released when required.  To view the latest information respecting flooding situations, please visit the Quinte Conservation Authority website


2014 Flood

View the efforts of the Stone Mills Volunteer Fire Fighters and Stone Mills Staff responding to the 2014 Spring Flood.  Through their amazing efforts, considerable damage was prevented to a large number of properties in the Township of Stone Mills.