Planning Legislation

The Planning Hierarchy is intended to provide a visual representation of how the various pieces of legislation and other planning tools in Ontario work together to provide the policy basis for planning, and to aid in the development review process.

Person drawing building plans

Planning Legislation

Persons that are considering the submission of an application to the Township of Stone Mills pursuant to the Planning Act or who is making a submission in response to an application should be aware that personal and other information that:

  •  has been included within the application form;

  • has been submitted in support of an application; or

  • has been submitted in response to an application;

and which has been received by an of the Township in written or digital format, or which has been received verbally and which has been recorded by an official of the Township; constitutes a record of the Township and the information contained within this record may be released to any person deemed by an official of the Township to have an interest in this record, or may be used by the Township in the support of a decision of the Township including any appeal of a decision of the Township before a Board or Tribunal including any judicial review of the application or any decision relating thereto.

Planning Legislation

The Official Plan is a policy document, intended to guide development through-out the Township over a 20 year life span.  The policies are developed to address specific interests or features, and areas are designated for different forms of development.  The Schedules (maps) identify features and designations addressed within the Plan.

The zoning bylaw divides the entire Township into "zones" in which certain uses are permitted, and also prescribes the standards for these uses.  If a certain use is not listed as a "permitted use", then the use is not allowed.  The bylaw document as follows is the text of the zoning bylaw, Schedule 1 is a map of the entire Township, and the following schedules are maps of specific identified areas.