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Q – How large can I build a shed in my yard without needing to apply for a building permit?
A – Sheds that are over 15 square metres or roughly 161 square feet require permits (measured outside of wall to outside of wall). If the shed is built smaller than that, then no permit is required. If you are constructing a small shed without a permit, the placement of the shed still needs to comply with our comprehensive zoning bylaw.

Q – Do I need a permit to build a new deck, or replace an old deck?
A – If the deck is attached to your house then you’ll need a permit to build it. If it is not attached to your house, but is larger than 10 square metres, then it still would require a permit. Oppositely, if it is not attached to your house, but is smaller than 10 square metres, then no permit is required. Even if you are replacing an aging or rotten deck attached your house, you need a permit.

Q – Do I require a permit to re-shingle my roof? Do I need a permit to replace my windows? Do I need a permit to re-clad my house (new siding)?
A – The answer to all 3 questions is that no permit is required. However, if you are replacing a
window with a larger window, a permit for that structural change would be required.

Q – I want to build a garage on my property - what are the setbacks from property lines?
A – This answer varies depending on what zone you are in. Please refer to our interactive map
to find what your property is zoned. If you are in one of the residential zones (HR, RR, RLS) and the garage you are proposing to build will have a height less than 3.5m (peak to average grade), than the garage or shed can be built no closer than 4 feet to the side yard lot line or the rear yard lot line. If you are proposing to build a garage in a Residential zone (HR, RR, RLS) that will be taller than 3.5m, or are proposing to build a garage in a RU zone, than the side yard setback will be 5m and the rear yard setback is 10m. Inquiries regarding setbacks to roads, waterways, wetlands, or exterior lot lines (corner lots) should be directed to the Development Services department.

Q – Will I need to construct a fence around my proposed above ground pool?
A – While all in-ground pools require a non-climbable, 48 inch fence to be constructed around their perimeter, most above ground pools will not. Stone Mills Township “Pool Fence” By-Law 2007-374 requires a 4 foot barrier be created to prevent access to each new pool. Since most above ground pools are 52 inches in height, the pool wall itself can satisfy this requirement. If a small deck is proposed to access the pool, a 48 inch, self closing, lockable gate will need to be placed at the bottom of the stairs, with a similar railing built at the sides of the stairway. The gate will need to remain locked when the pool is not in use.

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