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Budget and Finances

The Municipality develops annual operating budgets to pay for a wide range of municipal services:

  • General Government - Finance, Clerks, Council, Elections
  • Protection Services - Fire, Police, Conservation Authority, Building Inspection, By-law Enforcement, Animal Control, Livestock Compensation, Fence Viewing.
  • Transportation Services - Roads Administration, Vehicle & Equipment, Construction, Street Lights.
  • Environmental Services - Newburgh - Camden East - Sheffield - Moscow Waste Landfill Disposal & Recycling
  • Recreational & Cultural Services - Parks, Programs, Recreational Centre, Community Halls.
  • Planning & Development - Minor Variances, Severances, Zoning, Plan of Subdivision/Condos.

The Municipality also prepares multi-year capital budgets which fund capital infrastructure replacement and renewal as determined by Council. 

The annual operating/capital budgets determines the revenues generated for property taxation which are then used to set final tax rates.

Financial Statements

The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing mandates a very detailed financial report which is available on the Ministry's website. The Financial Information Return provides a standardized reporting of a municipality’s financial activities in the previous fiscal year (January to December).

Section 294 (1) of the Municipal Act states that the treasurer of a municipality shall in each year provide the Minister with a return containing information designated by the Minister with respect to the financial affairs of the municipality. This takes the form of the annual Financial Information Return (FIR)

Strategic Asset Management Policy Stone Mills 2019

A strategic asset management policy formalizes the Township’s commitment to asset management, aligns its asset management actions with strategic goals and objectives, and provides direction to guide Council, management and staff in carrying out its business strategies, plans and activities. 

Asset Management Plan

The development of an asset management plan has been identified as a prerequisite for the receipt of funding from the Province of Ontario (the ‘Province’) under The Infrastructure for Jobs and Prosperity Act, 2015 (the “Act”). Ontario Regulation 588/17: Asset Management Planning for Municipal Infrastructure (O.Reg. 588/17), establishes the requirement for Ontario municipalities to adopt asset management plans for core infrastructure (roads, bridges, water and wastewater management) by July 1, 2022.  

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