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Q: Where can I find general Planning information within the Township of Stone
A: The Township of Stone Mills website contains all information related to land use
planning within the Township. Please visit the Planning subpage for documents
including: Provincial Policy Statement, County of Lennox & Addington Official Plan,
Township of Stone Mills Official Plan, Township of Stone Mills Zoning By-law etc.

Q: How long does it take to obtain Planning Act approval?
A: Prescribed under the Planning Act, municipalities are required to process
Planning Act applications within specified timelines. Timelines differ depending on
the type of Planning Act application. Also prescribed within the Planning Act, are
public notification and public appeal periods that ought to be provided through the
processing of various applications. Therefore, the approval process differ depending
on application type.

Q: Where can I find mapping to view my property?
A: The County of Lennox & Addington administers GIS mapping services for the
Township of Stone Mills. Please access their public mapping portal to view property fabric, roads, aerial imagery and parcel boundaries

Q: How do I subdivide my property and create a separate lot?
A: Through the Planning Act, there are two options to subdivide parcels into
separately conveyable lots, either via Consent or Plan of Subdivision. Some key
considerations in determining the viability of weather your parcel may be subdivided
include; road frontage, lot area, environmental features, proximity to sensitive /
intensive land uses etc. Please contact the Manager of Planning / Deputy Clerk to
schedule a Pre-Consultation meeting to discuss the subject property and your
development proposal.

Q: What are the Planning Act application fees in Stone Mills?
A: Please visit the Township of Stone Mills Planning
Fee Schedule. 
Please note that additional application fees above those required from the Township
are often required for Quinte Conservation Authority.

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