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Kennel Licences

The development of a dog kennel is subject to the regulatory controls of By-law 2010-532 as well as zoning restrictions found in Zoning By-law 2014-744.

The Zoning Bylaw defines a "Kennel" as a place or confine where five (5) or more dogs are kept, bred or raised for any reason. Bylaw 2014-744 restricts the development of a dog kennel to lands that are zoned either Rural (RU) or Prime Agriculture (PA).  Other dog kennel restrictions include:

  1. No kennel or kennel structure shall be located within 150 m of any lot line on which the kennel or kennel structure is located.
  2. The measurement in paragraph (i) shall be taken as the shortest horizontal distance between the kennel or kennel structure and the nearest lot line.
  3. All zone requirements of this By-law shall apply to the establishment of kennels and kennel structures.
  4. Kennels and kennel structures shall be restricted to locations in a side yard or rear yard.
  5. A kennel or kennel structure shall not be located in the same building as a dwelling unit nor shall be classified as a home occupation or a home industry.
  6. A dog run shall be fully enclosed on the top and sides unless the height of the enclosure exceeds 1.5 m

The operation of a kennel is subject to the issuance of an annual kennel license.  To obtain a license, the premises must be inspected by Frontenac Municipal Law Enforcement under authority of the Township, and a Kennel License Application must be submitted,  This inspection ensures continued compliance with the applicable bylaws of the Township for the operation of a kennel.

Between January 1 and March 31, the kennel license fee is $125.00.  After March 31 the kennel license fee is $250.00.

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