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Weed Control

An invasive species is a plant, animal, or microorganism introduced to an area outside of its normal range. These species spread in a natural environment not used to its presence. These non-native species can negatively impact native biodiversity, the economy, and society. A range of invasive species including fish, plants, invertebrates, fungus, and diseases can be found across the Quinte Conservation region.

The County of Lennox & Addington administers the Weed Control Act within the Township of Stone Mills.  However, responsibility for this Act is limited to:

  • whether the weeds in question are on the list of noxious weeds; and
  • if the weeds are a threat to agriculture.

If the weeds are noxious and are a threat to agriculture, and the complaint is from a person involved in agriculture, the complaint will be dealt with under the Act, by the County.  If the weeds are located in a residential area, park area, on un-maintained lots, and roadsides and are not a threat to agriculture, the County will not address the complaint under the Weed Control Act.  These complaints will be investigated pursuant to the lot maintenance bylaw and in accordance with roadside maintenance policies of the Township.  Roadside mowing complaints should be directed to Public Works department for the Township of Stone Mills.

Also, management information has been developed by The County of Lennox and Addington respecting weed control which the reader may find useful if this weed exists on your lands.

The following is a list of Noxious Weeds, as set out in the Weed Control Act:

Barberry, Common Berberis vulgaris L.
Buckthorn European Rhamnus cathartica L.
Carrot, wild Daucus carota L.
Colt's-foot Tussilago farfara L.
Dodder spp. Cuscuta spp.
Giant Hogweed Heracleum mantegazzianum
Goat's-beard spp. Tragopogon spp.
Hemlock, poison Conium maculatum L.
Johnson grass Sorghum halepense L. Persoon
Knapweed spp. Centaurea spp.
Milkweed spp. Asclepias spp.
Poison-ivy Rhus radicans L.
Proso millet, black seeded Panicum milaceum L. (black-seeded biotype)
Ragweed, spp. Ambrosia spp.
Rocket, yellow Barbarea spp.
Sow thistle, annual, perennial Sonchus spp.
Spurge, Cypress Euphorbia cyparissias L.
Spurge, leafy Euphorbia esula L. complex
Thistle, bull Cirsium vulgare Savi Tenore
Thistle, Canada Cirsium arvense L. Scopoli

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