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Q - How does garbage and recycling work in the Township of Stone Mills?

A - Residents within the Township of Stone Mills may dispose of their waste and recycling materials
at any of the three (3) Municipal landfills.

Site No.1 - Camden East Waste Disposal Site - 3087 County Rd 4
Site No.2 - Moscow Waste Disposal Site - 4965 County Rd 6
Site No.3 - Tamworth Waste Disposal Site - 1661 County Rd 15

The landfills are open to the general public on Wednesday’s from 12:00pm – 4:00pm and Saturday’s from 8:00am – 4:00pm.

All Township of Stone Mills residents have access to any of the landfill sites within the Township. Moreover, residents may take certain materials at a cost to the following:

• Westendorp Disposal - 2697 County Rd 6, Yarker, 613-377-1640
• Napanee Waste Solutions - 2332 County Rd 41, Napanee, 613-388-2400

Q - I want to dispose of my garbage but neither the transfer station nor the landfill is open. Can I drop my garbage off at the gates at any of these facilities?

A - Please do not drop garbage at the landfill assuming it is closed to the general public. It is illegal to drop garbage at the gates of any municipal landfill facility that is not open to the public. If you do this you are subject to a fine and/or charges.

Q - What do I do with Hazardous Waste items?

A - While the Township does not accept hazardous waste at municipal landfill sites, we do host a collection day once every two (2) years. Please follow the Township of Stone Mills website and social media pages for upcoming events.

Brendar Environmental Inc. offers free residential paint and battery drop-offs.

Please visit for other ways to dispose of Household Hazardous Waste.

Q - I renovated my bathroom, where can I take all the garbage?

A - Construction waste is not accepted at any of the municipal landfill sites, the following waste transfer facilities may accept such materials:

• Westendorp Demolition & Disposal - 2697 County Rd 6, Yarker, 613-377-1640
• Napanee Waste Solutions - 2332 County Rd 41, Napanee, 613-388-2400

Please consult each local facility with respect to fees and hours of operation.

Q - Can we take black bags to the waste sites?

A - Residents are required to purchase Township of Stone Mills bags which are available at the Administration Office located at 4504 County Road 4 in Centreville and several retail outlets. For more information, please visit our Waste & Recycling page.

Q - Can we take brush to the waste sites?

A - Brush is accepted at the Camden East and Tamworth landfill sites. Fees range from $5.00 - $30.00 depending on the amount of material to be disposed of.

Q - I have old tires on rims, can these go to the dump?

A - Yes, rims do not have to be removed from the tires, and there is no fee for disposal.

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