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Waste Disposal Sites

Township of Stone Mills operates three Waste Disposal Sites. These sites are,

  • Camden Landfill Site- 3087 County Rd 4
  • Moscow Landfill Site - 4965 County Rd 6
  • Tamworth Landfill Site- 1661 County Rd 15

The Watse Disposal Sites operate Wednesdays 12PM – 4PM and Saturdays 8AM – 4PM

Waste MUST NOT BE deposited at the gate or along the roadsides.  Violators & Trespassers will be investigated, charged and prosecuted.

All resident vehicles must stop at the landfill receiving area and attendants will inspect all waste entering the landfill sites.  If recyclables are found in the Township Identified waste bags, attendants will refuse the waste until the recyclables are removed.

As per By-law 2007-413 no recyclable materials will be accepted within the waste section of the landfill. All recyclable material shall be separated from waste, be clean and deposited by residents into the proper recycle bins. 

Paper Bin 
Clean paper, cardboard & paper products.  Boxes should be flattened & bundled.

DO NOT place waxed or coated paper, milk or orange juice containers, Christmas wrap & pet food bags in this bin.  These are to be landfilled.

Plastic & Can Bin 
Rigid plastic containers with numbers 1 – 7 in symbol.  Clean food & cleaning containers, plastic paint containers, juice & water bottles & grocery bags. Place plastic grocery bags in another bag & tie.  Clean food & drink cans.  All plastic and cans must be clean and contained in a clear plastic bag.

DO NOT place metal paint cans, rigid plastic such as toys, water pipes, flower pots, plastic lawn furniture or greenhouse & bale wrap.  Aerosol spray cans, empty oil or petroleum containers #3 are hazardous waste.

Scrap Metal Bin
All scrap metal including dry empty metal paint cans may be placed in this bin.

DO NOT place plastic paint containers in this area.

Styrofoam Bin 
Foam protective packaging & white insulation. All polystyrene must be clean, dry and contained in a clear plastic bag. 

DO NOT place peanut packaging, coffee cups, meat trays or any other food grade styrofoam in this bin.

Glass Area 
Bottles & jars.  The glass is then crushed & used for road base during construction.

DO NOT place lids, ceramics, mirrors, etc. in this area.

Computers, televisions, VCR’s, stereos, copiers, fax machines and solar panels

Tires - Free

Brush - Accepted at Camden & Sheffield Waste Sites only – ½ ton $20 – dump truck $30

Appliances Containing Refrigerant – $5 - $20

NO large unrecyclable, unbagged waste items will be accepted at any waste site.  These items can be taken to:

Westendorp Disposal                     Monday – Thursday:  8am – 4pm

2697 County Rd 6                          Friday – Saturday:  8am – 12pm

Yarker, ON                                     Sunday:  Closed


Napanee Waste Solutions               Monday – Friday:  8am – 4pm

2332 County Rd 41                        Saturday – Sunday:  Closed

Roblin, ON


Waste Connections of Canada        Monday – Friday:  7am – 5pm

1266 McAdoo’s Lane                      Saturday (Transfer Station): 8am – 1pm

Kingston, ON                                 Sunday:  Closed



Residents will be charged for disposal – call for fees and more information

Composters are available at a cost of $46.00 at the Township Office.


Contact Us

Township of Stone Mills
4504 County Rd 4
Centreville, ON K0K 1N0
Phone: 613-378-2475

Hours of Operation
Monday: 8:30am - 6:00pm
Tuesday-Thursday: 8:30am - 4:30pm
Friday: 8:30am - 12:30pm

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